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to provide employees with a safe and risk-free environment in which to learn and experience their tasks, without the inherent dangers and potential risks to both personal safety and company assets that can be present in real-life scenarios.



Our comprehensive training software, which includes VR, AR, XR, collaborative learning, and expert support, can greatly benefit the operations group in a mine. By using our plant and equipment simulators, trainees can gain hands-on experience with complex machinery and learn how to operate them safely and efficiently. This immersive and interactive training approach can lead to improved skills, increased productivity, and reduced downtime, ultimately resulting in a more successful and profitable mining operation.



Your customers can have a unique and engaging virtual experience. In addition to simulators and plant operations, our platform allows you to superimpose equipment in your workspace, enabling them you to see how it fits and functions in real-time. Give yourself the confidence you need to invest in your equipment with ease, while creating a lasting impression.



Our immersive Oculus simulator can offer collaborative training for up to 15 trainees, providing a cost-effective solution for training multiple individuals at once. It provides opportunities for collaboration, communication, feedback, and observation, leading to a more engaging and effective learning experience. Plus, our software is available on various platforms such as mobile, PC, and Oculus, making it accessible for trainees to learn anywhere, anytime.


Mining Metaverse
Learn by doing

Main questions about the metaverse and virtual technologies.

Mining Metaverse

Minverso Main Interfaces

Virtual reality

Design of customized virtual models for the mining industry in terms of training, training or any interface in which you want to apply and in the process you will be part of the industry 4.0 revolution.


Users can speak directly to GPT Chat and ask questions to enhance their learning experience and give users feedback. This unique approach to training allows users to fully immerse themselves in their environment, improving their retention and understanding of key concepts.

Augmented reality

We also offer augmented reality experiences as this allows users to visualize abstract concepts in a concrete way, explore interactive training environments and actively participate in immersive activities, which improves their understanding and retention of content, encourages active participation and promotes a focus practical.

PC application

Although reality glasses are necessary in virtual applications, there are also alternatives to be part of the experience through a PC application to obtain the first approach to the metaverse.